Photo album

Many people with cognitive challenges cannot talk about the things they have done during the day or they may struggle to communicate about themselves when they are talking to “strangers”. The Photo app therefore has two functions:


A very easy to use camera function. After activating the camera function, the user can take pictures by tapping on the display. These photos are then automatically saved in an album. By accessing this album the user can then talk about his/her activities on that day.

The pictures are also automatically sent to the management website. These photos can additionally be used in the telephone book or for appointments.


Step plan.png


The coach/carer can add pictures to several albums on the smartphone such as family, friends, pets, etc. The user can open those albums and talk about the subject more easily by looking at the pictures.

Another useful application of the photo album is when a user must do a task, but may need some support. A picture of each step of the task can be saved in an album that the user can consult if he/she does not know or is not sure what to do.

Some of the available functions

  • Browsing through the pictures using buttons instead of swiping
  • Changing the font size
  • Protecting the settings with a pin code